Windows Virtual Desktop is one of the hottest services on Azure right now. Here is a great video series and links to our favourite resources.


WVD Video Series

Join Azure Dan and a selection of guests in this series of videos for WVD. You can also find this video series playlist in YouTube.

Episode 1: Deploying WVD

In the first of a series of videos, Dan is joined by Microsoft Architect George Wood as they perform a base deployment of a WVD solution.

Episode 2: WVD Pricing

In the second episode of the series, Dan is once again joined by WVD specialist George Wood as they discuss the pricing options of a WVD Build. They explore the considerations required and look at tools such as the pricing calculator and WVD configurator.

Episode 3: Citrix & Microsoft

In this video Dan is joined by Citrix Cloud Specialist Toby Brown and Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect George Wood as they walk through the deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop and the Citrix Cloud.

WVD and Citrix Cloud offer a fast, secure, and stable Desktop as a Service solution that empowers a mobile workforce, driving a use your own device culture.


Here are our favourite WVD resources:

Description Link
WVD Learning Path aka.ms/wvd-learn
WVD Roadmap aka.ms/wvdroadmap
WVD MSP Resources aka.ms/wvd-msp
WVD Partner Integrations aka.ms/wvd-partners
FSLogix Shrink Disk Script aka.ms/shrinkdiskscript
WVD CAF Solution Factory WVD_CAF_SolutionFactory
Microsoft Cloud Workshop MCW-Implementing-Windows-Virtual-Desktop-in-the-enterprise
Azure Academy Azure Academy YouTube series
Blog - Tom Hickling https://xenithit.blogspot.com/
Blog - Christiaan Brinkhoff https://christiaanbrinkhoff.com/
Microsoft 365 Licensing https://m365maps.com/

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