Virtual Machines

Short labs to go deep in specific .


Virtual machines are well covered in both Microsoft Learn and the Microsoft Docs, so that should always be your first destination when going deeper with compute on Azure.

With our focus on automating at scale, we find there are a few areas where the documentation doesn’t go quite deep enough. Therefore we’ll add in a few labs here based on the work we do with partners. If they prove popular then we’ll contribute directly to the Microsoft Docs and if that contribution is successful then the page weill disappear from here!


Azure Bastion with native tools & AAD

Follow this lab to configure a small Azure Bastion environment with a couple of example VMs for config management purposes. Authenticate with your Azure AD credentials and access using native SSH and RDP.

Managed Identities

Each virtual machine can have an identity to access other Azure services. Work with VMs, the Instance Metadata Service and Azure Key Vault. Initially use the REST API via curl and then move on to the Azure CLI.