Governance Labs for Azure Policy


Azure Policy helps to enforce organizational standards and to assess compliance at-scale. Through its compliance dashboard, it provides an aggregated view to evaluate the overall state of the environment, with the ability to drill-down to the per-resource, per-policy granularity. It also helps to bring your resources to compliance through bulk remediation for existing resources and automatic remediation for new resources.

Common use cases for Azure Policy include implementing governance for resource consistency, regulatory compliance, security, cost, and management. Policy definitions for these common use cases are already available in your Azure environment as built-ins to help you get started.

Policy Labs

The labs below complement the Azure Policy documentation and work hand in hand with Cloud Adoption Framework, Enterprise Scale and proving that workloads meet compliancy requirements.

The labs also help partners automate their Azure Policy defaults and customisation and help scale their professional and managed services.

Lab Sections

Azure Policy Basics

Learn the fundamentals of using Azure Policy to help govern your resources.

Creating Custom Policies

Simple modifications to existing Policy samples are relatively simple. But what if you need to do something new? Follow these labs to get a deeper understanding of the policy structure and how to use aliases.