Core Concepts

A series of sequential labs to take you through the basic concepts of Azure Networking.


These labs are pulled from Binal Shah’s repo,

They have been used to help customers get up to speed with the basics of Azure Networking.


Virtual Network

Create a Virtual Network with two subnets, and add a VM to each.

Network Security Groups

Need a L4 ACL to control permitted flows? Create Network Security Groups (NSGs) using Application Security Groups (ASGs).

Using the Azure CLI

Use the CLI commands to create a vNet, a VM and then attach an NSG to a subnet.

Virtual Network Peering

Connect two isolated vNets using vNet Peering and validate routing and connectivity.

Transitive Behaviour

Understand the implications of transitive peering.

NVA CSR1000v

Deploy a Cisco network virtual appliance from the Azure Marketplace.

Routing Tables

Understand how Azure routes traffic in a virtual network and how user defined routes can be used to change the default behaviour.