VM Offer with SAS

Use Shared Access Signature to Publish


If using the SAS URI approach, you will have created an unmanaged disk in a storage account which can be accessed directly with a SAS URL. The SAS URL comprised a URI to the resource along with a security token (Shared Access Signature) that authorizes access to the resource. It specifies the resource that a client may access, the permissions granted, and the time interval over which the signature is valid.

Generate a SAS URL to the VHD Image

The final thing to do is generate a SAS URL pointing to the generalised VHD image. We need to supply this as part of the technical configuration when we create our VM offer.

  1. We need to collect two parameters before we can generate the SAS signature. For convenience we’ll store them in environment variables.

    Parameter Comment
    <connection-string> The connection string for the storage account where the VHD generalised image is stored. Navigate to the storage account and select Access Keys under Settings
    <vhd-name> Name of the VHD image itself. Navigate to the storage account then to Containers then vhds and copy the name of the generalised VHD blob
  2. Set environment variables using Azure CLI

    Modify the command below by substituting the parameter values you gathered above and submit via the Azure CLI:

  3. Firstly we need the blob endpoint URL:

    BASEURL=$(az storage blob url \
       --container-name 'vhds' \
       --name $VHDNAME \
       --connection-string $CONNSTR \
       --output 'tsv')
  4. Then we need the SAS signature at the container level:

    START=$(date --date="yesterday" '+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%MZ')
    EXPIRY=$(date --date="1 month" '+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%MZ')
    SASSIG=$(az storage container generate-sas \
       --connection-string $CONNSTR \
       --name 'vhds' \
       --permissions 'rl' \
       --start $START \
       --expiry $EXPIRY \
       --output 'tsv')
  5. Finally, combine the two results to get the full SAS URL:

    echo ${BASEURL}?${SASSIG}

    Example output


    Copy the output somewhere safe. You will need the SAS URL to publish the offer.


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