Publish a VM Offer HOL

Lab walkthrough of publishing a VM Offer

Virtual Machine offers are used to deploy and transact a virtual machine (VM) instance through Marketplace. The solution must consist of a single VM. Anything more complex requires an Azure Apps offer.

When a customer ‘purchases’ a VM offer, the VM will be deployed into the customer’s Azure subscription. As a consequence, VM offers can only be published in Azure Marketplace (not AppSource).

VM offers support the Transact listing type. They also support the BYOL listing type. A Test drive option is also available.

Transact VM offers are billed on a usage-based PAYG (Pay As You Go) model. Each plan can be created with a free trial option giving you the option to offer customers a 1 / 3 / 6 month period with no licence fees.



Getting Started

Pre-requisites and overview.

Create VM Image

Create and customise a VM image for publishing to Marketplace.

Test VM Image

Test the VM image before publishing.

VM Offer with SIG

Use Shared Image Gallery to Publish

Other VM Resources

Other useful VM Offer resources

VM Offer with SAS

Use Shared Access Signature to Publish

Publish Offer

Create the listing in Partner Center and publish the offer.