Video 7 - Azure AD Application Registrations


In this module we look at a generic topic, application registrations for Azure Active Directory because we’ll need to use them in our upcoming modules. They give us a mechanism to authenticate to Azure AD, which is a requirement of the landing page, if you recall.

This video should help you get a jump start on configuring application registrations for the apps we’ll be building in the next few modules.

NOTE: The secrets that you set in an Application Registration have time limits. You may select up to 2 years for the secret to remain valid. In production, track when your secrets need to be changed and do so to avoid service outages.

This module introduces just enough on this topic to help us build our landing page and webhooks later in the course. For those interested in more reading, please see Create and Azure AD app registration and Quick start: Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform from the official Microsoft documentation.



Presentation - Azure AD Application Registrations

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