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Enrolling in Partner Center to Publish Offers


Partner Center is a portal for Microsoft Partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft and their customers. It includes functionality to manage Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership and benefits, the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme, analytics, incentives and access to publish offers to marketplace including the commercial marketplace.

To publish an offer to the commercial marketplace an organisation must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, sign up for Partner Center, create a Publisher Profile including payout details and register for one or more programmes including the commercial marketplace programme.

Get Started

If your company is not yet registered as a Microsoft Partner, start by joining the Microsoft Partner Network. The process also walks you through signing up for the relevant programmes in Partner Center.

Join the Microsoft Partner Network

If your company is already an MPN Member, but not enrolled in Partner Center.

Create a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center

If your company is already enrolled in Partner Center but not in the commercial marketplace programme.

Create an account using an existing Partner Center enrollment

The above may require someone authorized to act on behalf of the company and may take time to approve as business details are validated as part of the process.

Publishing Offers

In order to publish offers in the commercial marketplace your account will need to be assigned to a specific role. The Developer role is intended for offer publishing and management. Users with Manager and Owner roles can also publish and manage offers but they have much broader permissions and should only be used if necessary.

Define user roles and permissions

Check your permissions

  1. To check you have the right permissions visit Account Settings -> User Management

  2. Search for your username in the users tab and confirm you have the “Developer” role assignment.

    Check your role in Partner Center

  3. As a final check, confirm you can create a New Offer on the Commercial Marketplace -> Overview tab

    Create a new offer in Partner Center


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