Offer Type

Determining your Offer Type

Now we are familiar with some of the key terminology and characteristics of the different offer types, it’s time to decide which offer type is best suited for your solution.


The previous sections will have given you a feel for the characteristics of the different offer types

In these labs we are focussing on the main offer types that have provisioning and transact capability; VM offer, Azure App offer and SaaS offer.

Your first decision point will likely be how the solution is deployed.

  • If it’s a SaaS application that runs in the publisher’s Azure subscription
    • This will be a SaaS offer.
  • If the solution gets deployed into the customer subscription then it will be either a VM offer or an Azure App offer
    • If it’s a single virtual machine it will be a VM offer.
  • If it’s more than a single virtual machine then it comes down to who will manage the solution.
    • If the customer will be responsible the best match is an Azure App offer - Solution Template.
    • If the customer wants it to be managed on their behalf it will be an Azure App offer - Managed Application.

Note the limitations in the Introduction with respect to Azure App offers:

  • Solution templates are not directly transactable but can be made so by referencing VM offers
  • Managed applications grant the customer limited access and require the solution to be managed on their behalf.


Publish by offer type

You have the option to choose the appropriate offer type

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