Publish a Solution Template HOL

Lab walkthrough of publishing a Solution Template Offer


The Azure Apps offer is used to deploy and transact a more complex solution than a single VM. Azure Apps offers can only be listed in Azure Marketplace, not AppSource.

The Azure Apps offer has two distinct flavours; solution template and managed application.

  • The solution template offer is a collection of Azure resources described by an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template which will be deployed into the customer subscription. It is not directly transact-capable but it can deploy VM offers which are transactable.

  • The managed app offer is a collection of Azure resources described by an ARM template deployed into the customer subscription to be operated as a managed service.

In this lab we will focus on the Solution Template flavour of Azure Application offer.

When a customer ‘purchases’ a Solution Template offer, resources will be deployed into the customer’s Azure subscription. As a consequence, Solution Template offers can only be published in Azure Marketplace (not AppSource).

Solution Template offers do not directly support the Transact listing type. They represent a deployment mechanism for customers to deploy a solution into their subscription. However, Solution Template offers can reference other transactable offers (specifically VM Offers). In this way it is possible for a Solution Template offer to be transactable. This must be made clear in the listing.



Getting Started

Pre-requisites and overview.

Create ARM Template

Create an ARM template for publishing to the commercial marketplace.

Validate ARM Template

Validate the ARM template.

Create UI Definition

Create and test a UI definition file.

Package Assets

Create a deployment package for an Azure Application offer.

Publish Offer

Create the listing in Partner Center and publish the offer.