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Set of useful links for Azure Arc.

Here are the main links for Azure Stack HCI:

Site Description Azure Stack HCI Product Page Azure Stack HCI Technical Documentation AKS on Azure Stack HCI Technical Documentation Azure Stack HCI Solutions Catalog
Azure Stack HCI software download Azure Stack HCI software download AzureStackHCI-EvalGuide repo on GitHub

Learning paths

Site Description
Foundations Azure Stack HCI Foundation learning path
Operate and Maintain Azure Stack HCI Operate and Manage Learning Path

Technical Event Series

Main page: Azure Arc-enabled Infrastructure Technical Event Series

There is a new series of recorded technical sessions focused on Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure including Azure cloud integration functionality of Azure Stack HCI and everything that is Arc-enabled including core functionality improvements and new differentiating capabilities.

  • Key Note: Unlocking the Azure Experience at the Edge with Azure Stack HCI - Daniel Lee
  • Leverage RBAC for Azure Arc VMs on Azure Stack HCI – Katherine Choi
  • VM networking for Arc VMs on HCI - Varun Lakshmanan
  • Enable Arc VM managment on the Azure Stack HCI cluster - Kyle Zhang
  • Migrate Hyper-V VMs to Azure Stack HCI with Azure Migrate - Kerim Hanif
  • Deploying AVD for Azure Stack HCI (Public Preview) - Kushmeen Kambow
  • Scale Kubernetes to the Edge with Arc and AKS Edge Essentials - Francisco Cabrera
  • Managing Arc extensions on Azure Stack HCI - Arpita Duppala
  • Azure Stack HCI Insights walkthrough - Saniya Islam
  • Getting notified with Log alerts - Saniya Islam
  • At-scale security management for Azure Stack HCI hosts - Ellie Cohen
  • Unpacking the new Azure Site Recovery integration - Shijo Joy
  • Under the hood with Windows Admin Center in Azure Portal - Prasidh Arora
  • Under the hood with Azure Stack HCI remote support - Ellie Cohen
  • Validate Connectivity to Azure Services - Liam Li
  • Azure CLI Automation: Manage Azure Stack HCI Clusters and Arc VMs! - Anoob Backer
  • Automate: Azure Marketplace VMs on HCI using Bicep and GitHub Actions! - Anoob Backer

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