Useful Links

Set of useful links for Enterprise Scale

Enterprise Scale Docs

Link Description Enterprise Scale Docs Networking section
Canary testing Guidance for testing ES updates
Connectivity to other cloud providers Linking ES environments to other clouds

Staying up to date

Link Description Updates to the Enterprise Scale docs
IT Ops Talk YouTube channel to include Enterprise Scale content Enterprise Scale Community Call

ARM Deployment

This is the ARM Enterprise Scale repo with direct links to the reference architectures.

Link Description Enterprise Scale repo
- Wingtip Core management groups and platform
- Contoso Core plus Azure vWAN
- Adventureworks Core plus hub & spoke
- Trey Research Designed for smaller enterprises


AzOps provides CI/CD pipeline to generate a repo of a configuration. Committed changes to the repo will then push creates, updates and deletes back into Azure.

Enterprise-scale Terraform module

This is the official module which is the one we recommend using. Make sure you understand how the archetypes work, as they can be very flexible.

Additional Terraform resources

There are other Terraform modules and resources available if you wish to make use of these instead.

Link Notes
Management Groups module Community module
Policy Definitions module Community module
Subscription vending machine Example community templates and CI/CD pipeline
CAF aztfmod repo Complete, opinionated, not 100% ES aligned

Azure Policy

The main repo, including built-ins, samples, community contributions and the Azure Policy definition and structure page.

Link Description Azure Policy repo
- built-in-policies - built-in Azure Policies
- samples - Azure Policy samples Community Policy repo Azure Policy definition structure
https:/ Our labs for creating custom policies and initiatives

Azure RBAC Roles

Sometimes you will need to create custom RBAC roles to meet customer requirements.

Help us improve

Azure Citadel is a community site built on GitHub, please contribute and send a pull request

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