Automate the Azure Barista's Enterprise Scale deployment with either Terraform or AzOps.



Feedback on hacks is absolutely vital to prove their value - without it these hacks may not exist. We will have a sharing session as part of the hack at the team level, and then a feedback form for you to complete individually.

Sharing session

In the sharing session you will use the provided template to give a 2-3 slide presentation on what you got out of the hack, and what you plan to do differently when you get back to the day job.

Whilst your team is presenting your slides, we ask for all of you in the team to switch your cameras on, and then switch them back off when you are done.

Please note that this session will be recorded, but we still want you to be frank and provide constructive feedback.

Feedback form

Please complete the feedback form below. It will only take a few minutes., and

Let us know what you got out of the three days and where we can look to improve.


Thank you for taking the time out to attend the hack, and we hope to see you again for similar events!

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