Windows Admin Center

Configure Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal to manage on prem Windows servers.


It is now possible to run Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal with no need to install any gateway servers in your hybrid or multi-cloud locations. Wide Wold Importers would like to see what functionality is available.


  • Create a new security group, Windows Admin Center Administrators
  • Configure Windows Admin Center access for the group
  • Make sure the group does not have more access than it needs

Success criteria


  • access to Windows Admin Center for the Windows on prem servers
  • the role assignments for the security group


  • What networking limitation does the service currently have?
  • Is it possible to use Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal if you are using Azure Lighthouse?


Next Steps

In the next lab we’ll test that you can access your on prem VMs before you start to onboard.

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