Hack Overview

Brief overview covering the flow of labs within this hack.

Landing Zone preparation

Before onboarding your on prem servers as Azure Arc-enabled Servers, prepare your hybrid landing zone.

Landing Zone preparation

These are “follow along” labs to ensure that the environments are configured consistently.

  • Deploy a standard Azure Landing Zone
  • Create the Arc Pilot resource group with tagging policies and RBAC role assignments
  • Deploy an initiative to get the Azure Monitoring Agent, Dependency agent and enable VM Insights
  • Add additional policies to deploy the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint extension, etc.

Scale Onboarding

This is a simple split lab to mirror a common onboarding scenario.

Scale Onboarding

  • Create a service principal and generate scale onboarding scripts for the server admins to use
  • As the server admins, run the scripts to complete onboarding

Management & Governance

This is the core of the hack, with a number of challenge labs to explore.

Core Management & Governance

  • Inventory
  • Workbooks
  • Monitoring with AMA and DCRs
  • Security integration
  • SSH for both Windows and Linux
  • Windows Admin Center in the portal
  • Guest Configuration policies for hybrid machines

This is the point we’d like to see all attendees reach for hack completion.

Stretch labs

This is an additional set of optional standalone labs for those who’ve moved through the core labs quickly. They are focused on additional extension functionality. Order is unimportant.

Stretch labs

  • Deploy a script to multiple servers using Custom Script Extension
  • Push a CA certificate into Key Vault and configure VMs to watch for cert rotation
  • Integrate the managed identity with ARM, Key Vault and PaaS services


OK, let’s start.

Get hands on and deploy a default Azure Landing Zone using the Bicep repository.

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