Plan for deployment and prepare the target resource group for your Arc servers.


When you are onboarding VMs at scale then it makes sense to prepare the target environment first. As this is a small pilot then everything will be configured on a single resource group.

There is an excellent page and 10 minute video on Azure Docs called Plan and deploy Azure Arc-enabled servers. Watch the video when you get the opportunity.

Go to for a fuller set of Cloud Adoption Framework documentation for hybrid and multicloud.

We will add a couple of simple tagging policies, and then add in a key vault with a self signed cert and the private SSH key if you created your on prem VMs in Azure. We’ll also add in a couple of Azure Monitor workspaces.

You will also create a service principal for the onboarding scripts with the right RBAC role.

Finally you will create new AAD group for the Arc admins, but only if you have access within AAD.

If working in a team then it is recommended to split the tasks between you.


The onboarded VMs will be created in a dedicated resource group called arc_pilot. All Azure resources will be created in UK South.

The pilot evaluation team have decided to initally use a couple of tags at the resource group level that they want the resources to inherit.

Tag Value Source
datacentre Azure Citadel Inherited from resource group
city Reading Inherited from resource group
platform azcmagent
cluster azcmagent

The azcmagent tags will be configured as the VMs are onboarded in the next lab.

Resource Group

  • Create a resource group called arc_pilot
  • Use Azure Policy to ensure all resources in the resource group inherit the specified tags

Service Principal

  • Create a service principal for use in scale onboarding scripts

Make sure that you take a copy of the JSON output as it includes the clientId/appId and the clientSecret/password.

Azure AD Groups

Skip this step if you do not have the appropriate Azure AD role to create AAD security groups.

  • Create a security group called Azure Arc Admins

    • Add all of the users in your team
    • Assign with a role for administering Azure Arc for Server resources
  • Create three additional security Groups

    • Security Operations Center
    • Cost Management
    • Linux App Dev

    These may be left empty for the moment.

Azure Monitor Workspaces

  • Create Azure Monitor workspaces

    1. arc-pilot-core
    2. arc-pilot-soc
    3. arc-pilot-linuxapp

Key Vault

This hack is not a test of your Key Vault skills, so please use the command blocks below.

Get a uniq value

This will help ensure the FQDNs are unique.

uniq=$(az account show --query id --output tsv | cut -f1 -d-)

Create the key vault

az keyvault create --name $kv --retention-days 7 --resource-group arc_pilot --location uksouth

Create a self signed certificate

The certificate will be used in the Key Vault Extension lab.

az keyvault certificate create --name self-signed-cert --vault-name $kv --policy "$(az keyvault certificate get-default-policy)"

Private SSH Key

This will make it simpler to log into the linux VMs using

az keyvault secret set --name arc-pilot-private-ssh-key --vault-name $kv --file ~/.ssh/id_rsa

If you specified a different SSH key pair when terraforming the environment then specify the correct private key file.

Storage account

Create a storage account for custom scripts.

az storage account create --name $sa --sku Standard_LRS --resource-group arc_pilot --location uksouth

Add a couple of containers.

az storage container create --account-name $sa --name powershell --public-access blob
az storage container create --account-name $sa --name bash       --public-access blob

Success criteria

Show the proctor:

  1. Resource group name, location, tags and resources
  2. Policy assignments
  3. RBAC assignments
  4. Key Vault secrets

Discussion points

As a stretch target, see how many roles there are for onboarding Azure Arc resources. Note the provider types that they interact with on the management plane. Some also have data actions.


Next up

We have on prem servers and a target environment. Let’s onboard the linux VMs.

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