Azure Policy

Use Azure Policy to automate agent deployments and tagging for your Azure Arc Virtual Machines.


Policy - Tags

Assign the Inherit a tag from the resource group if missing policy

  • Parameter tagName = datacentre
  • Assignment name: “Inherit datacentre tag from the resource group if missing”

Repeat for platform.

Log Analytics Workspace



  • Create a workspace
  • Skip the Enable the Log Analytics VM Extension
  • Configure Collect event and performance data - Agents configuration
    • Windows Event Logs
      • Add
      • Filter to System, deselect Information and Apply
    • Windows performance counters
      • Add recommended counters and Apply
    • Syslog
      • Add facility, select syslog from drop down
      • Deselect Notice, Info, Debug
      • Apply
    • Linux performance counters
      • Add recommended counters and Apply

Policy - VM Extensions


  • Check the links

  • Filter the definitions and the to see what is available

  • Check both policies and initiatives

  • Go to Policy Definitions

  • Searching on “Azure Arc” should show the six preview policies

  • Clear the search and filter on type = initiative and category = monitoring

  • Check the Enable Azure Monitor for VMs

    • includes policies for both Azure VMs and Azure Arc VMs
    • covers both extensions and both OS types


  • Assign Enable Azure Monitor for VMs to the arc-hack resource group
    • select the workspace

Success criteria

  • Check the Agents configuration for the workspace - all but IIS Logs should be configured as above
  • Check the tags on the rg
  • The tags should have been inherited on the workspace
  • Check the policy assignments on the rg
    • VM agent initiative
    • The two tag inheritance policies
  • Check the role assignments - Azure Connected Machine Onboarding should list the policy identity

Bug fix

The bug has now been corrected, but I thought I’d keep the identity command in there for posterity. Vaguely useful, but the policy definitions for dine policies should always list the required roles for the identity.

There is a known bug in the [Preview] Deploy Dependency agent to Windows Azure Arc machines policy definition as the managed identity has insufficient permissions to remediate non-compliance. We’ll add on the Azure Connected Machine Onboarding so that it will remediate successfully.

The following Azure CLI commands will create the additional roles assignment if you have assigned the expected policy initiative at the ar-hack resource group level.

  • Add Azure Connected Machine Onboarding to the policy’s identity

    identity=$(az policy assignment list --resource-group arc-hack --query "[?displayName == 'Enable Azure Monitor for VMs'].identity.principalId" --output tsv)
    az role assignment create --assignee $identity --role "Azure Connected Machine Onboarding" --resource-group arc-hack

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