Azure Arc & Management Hack

Content for the two day Azure Arc & Management Hack.



This is a two day hack to get you skipped up in the various aspects of using Azure Arc to onboard VMs outside of Azure and leverage the management plane and range of services to transform how you manage your hybrid estates.

The hack is used in the UK to enable partners, but you are absolutely free to reuse the content yourself as it is 100% public. The hack is a challenge hack, so each section gives you a number of challenges to meet, plus a set of links for your reference. As you complete each section you will screen share with your proctor to confirm the success criteria has been met before moving on to the next section.

Please make sure that you have met the prereqs before attending.


Time Description
09:30 Hack intro
09:45 Arc for Servers Overview
Manual Onboarding
Azure Policy
Scale Onboarding
13:00 Monitoring Agents Update
15:30 Day 1 wrap up
09:30 Hybrid Management Overview
13:00 Azure Stack HCI & Azure Arc
15:30 Feedback & wrap up

The sessions with times will be in the General channel in Teams. When you are hacking in your teams then start a meeting directly within your private channels.


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