What is Azure Arc, plus advanced spec and partner hack info.

What is Azure Arc?


Azure Arc is a family of complementary services that support hybrid scenarios for management and operations.

We have concentrated on the technologies covered by the advanced specialization below:

  1. Arc-enabled servers (including SQL servers)
  2. Arc-enabled Kubernetes
  3. Arc-enabled data services

Expect new content over time as new services - including app services, machine learning and more - are updated to public preview and GA releases.

Advanced Specialization

The Microsoft Advanced Specializations are there to allow partners to differentiate themselves based on the depth and breadth of their capability, and to give customers a level of confidence and assurance that they’re choosing the right partner.

Partners are providing a variety of professional and managed services that leverage Azure Arc for hybrid scenarios.

The Hybrid Operations and Management with Microsoft Azure Arc advanced specialization covers the core Azure Arc services and the pdf includes the program requirements.

Note that the last page of the document includes a link to a fuller document with the audit criteria and FAQ.

Partner Hacks

This section also includes partner hacks to help partner’s enable themselves on the technologies in proctored sessions as they work towards the advanced specs.

They are currently challenge hacks but we plan to evolve them so they become more useful from a self serve perspective.

Azure Stack HCI

Azure Arc is designed to meet you and your workloads wherever they are, but if you want a platform to meet it halfway then Azure Stack HCI is designed with Arc integration in mind and many hybrid services will take advantage of their complementary features as they are better together.

Check out the Azure Stack HCI section to find out more, including the related advanced specialization.

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