Useful Links

Set of useful links for Azure Arc.


Here are the main links for Azure Arc:

Site Description Main product page Learning Paths Azure Docs for Arc Estimate costs for hybrid scenarios

Azure Arc Jumpstart

Site Description
Azure Arc Jumpstart Multiple tutorials with a range of Arc functionality
YouTube Channel Join Thomas Maurer & Lior Kamrat for Azure Arc demos

The Azure Arc Jumpstart site is highly recommended for going a little deeper with many of the capabilities that Azure Arc provides and how to create your own demo environments. It covers Azure Arc for Servers (including SQL servers), Azure Arc for Kubernetes and Azure Arc for Data Services.

Other learning resources

Site Description
WhatTheHack / 025-ArcEnabledServers Short challenge hack for Arc Enabled Servers
WhatTheHack / 026-ArcEnabledKubernetes Short challenge hack for Arc Enabled Kubernetes This page Demo videos

GitHub repos

For reference, here are a selection of useful GitHub repos relating to Azure Arc.

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