Useful Links

Set of useful links for Azure Arc.

Here are the main links for Azure Arc:

Site Description Main product page Learning Paths Azure Docs for Arc Hybrid & multicloud - Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure Estimate costs for hybrid scenarios

Azure Arc Jumpstart

The Azure Arc Jumpstart site is highly recommended for going a little deeper with many of the capabilities that Azure Arc provides. It covers:

  • Azure Arc-enabled servers
  • Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server
  • Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes
  • Azure Arc-enabled data services
  • Azure Arc-enabled app services
  • Azure Arc-enabled machine learning

There is a Jumpstart ArcBox to accelerate your demos and learning. Also check out the accompanying YouTube Channel where Thomas Maurer & Lior Kamrat run through Azure Arc concepts and demos.

Other learning resources

Site Description
WhatTheHack / 025-ArcEnabledServers Short challenge hack for Arc Enabled Servers
WhatTheHack / 026-ArcEnabledKubernetes Short challenge hack for Arc Enabled Kubernetes Demo videos Azure Citadel area for Azure Arc-enabled servers

GitHub repos

For reference, here are a selection of useful GitHub repos relating to Azure Arc.

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