Partner Hack

Two day Azure Arc enabled Partner Hack.


For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure.

Please make sure that you have met the prereqs before attending.


Time Description
09:30 Day 1 kick off
09:45 Azure Arc for Kubernetes Overview
10:00 Hacking - Onboarding
13:00 Lightning Talk: Flux (optional)
15:30 Q&A and wrap up
09:30 Day 2 kick off
09:45 Hacking - Onboarding
15:30 Wrap up

Who should attend?

This hack is designed specifically for Microsoft partners who are managing clusters or application development at scale. This could either be through a managed service or running their own software on hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

You will be expected to understand at least the basics of Kubernetes but proctors will be available to help if you find yourself stuck. The challenges are designed to be open-ended and you should take the chance to explore different ways of solving the same problems.

The hack is separated into three different personas responsible for different areas however the hack is designed so that everyone can take on any of the responsibilities.

Name Responsibility
Cluster Administrator Platform level infrastructure and cluster baseline
Application Developer Deploying and running custom applications
Operations Monitoring and ensuring cluster health


Partner Hack

Two day Azure Arc enabled Partner Hack.


Attending the Azure Arc for Kubernetes hack? Get these completed before it starts.


Azure Arc for Kubernetes hack scenario.

Deploy Cluster

Create unmanaged Kubernetes clusters ready for onboarding with Azure Arc.

Connect to Arc

Connect clusters to Azure Arc.

Enable GitOps

An operating model for building cloud native applications.

Deploy Application

Run an application with Azure resource dependencies.

Enable Azure AD

Secure all the things.

Enforce Policy

Stop the fun.

Enable Monitoring

What's going on in those clusters?

Enable Azure Defender

Watch out for the baddies.

Enable Data Services

Run your own hybrid database.

Enable Application Delivery

Run Azure PaaS services on your own compute.

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