SAP & Synapse

SAP integration with Azure Synapse Analytics

SAP and Azure Synapse Analytics Integration Overview:

Data is core currency!. Empowering the employees to make Data driven decisions is the key to the success of most of the organizations. Today data resides in disparate source systems. Integrating data from these disparate data sources poses huge challenge for most of the organizations. Azure Synapse Analytics simplifies the Data Integration, Data Analytics, Data Science, Reporting. Implementing the Cloud based Modern Data Warehouse on Azure is made easy through Azure Synapse Analytics.

Integrating SAP data with wider organizational data and building analytics is critical. We have created this 5 part series for integrating the SAP data with other data sources, building Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Reporting using Azure Synapse Analytics.

Video Series

Episode 1: Business Overview of SAP Data Integration

In this session we will set the business context, outline challenges in SAP data integration and an overview of Azure Synapse Analytics.

Episode 2: Technical Overview of SAP and Azure Synapse Analytics integration

In this session we will walk through a sample reference architecture and the technical overview.

Episode 3: SAP Data Ingestion and Transformation

In this session you will learn how to use Synapse Pipelines for ingesting data into Azure Data Lake Storage and the Mapping Data flows for performing ETL / ELT operations on the data

Episode 4: Synapse SQL and Synapse Spark for Analytics

In this session you will learn how to create the SQL scripts to analyze the data in Azure Data Lake Storage, Databases like Cosmos DB, SQL dedicated pools and also will review the Spark notebooks for creating and deploying Machine Learning models.

Episode 5: Reporting and Key Learnings

In this session we will walk through the key learnings, how to create the reports, dashboards using the Power BI.