There is no 100% right answer to the scenario, but here is an example solution.


There are a number of requirements in the Azure Barista’s scenario that force you to deviate a little from the default management group structure, as defined by Azure Landing Zones. You will also need to create some additional custom policies to meet the customer’s specific needs. This is a very common thing to do after you have run through a design workshop.

On this page we will run through an example structure and explain the reasons why these decisions have been made.

EA enrolment and AAD tenants

The EA Structure should look similar to the below:

Azure Baristas EA Structure

Identity and access management

  • The existing Azure AD Tenant of: azurebaristas.onmicrosoft.com will be used as:
    • Already synced with the On-Premise Active Directory Domain: azbaristas.local via Azure AD Connect with Password Hash Sync & SSO configured
    • Used already for Office/Microsoft 365 services across the organisation
  • A single Azure AD Tenant is recommended as part of Azure Landing Zones & CAF Security best practices
  • Relevant RBAC role/custom roles defined and applied as per RBAC requirements on the Day 2 Challenge Page & Day 1 Azure Baristas Intro

Management Group Structure

The Management Group structure should look similar to the below example:

Azure Baristas Management Group Structure

Network topology

  • Azure Virtual WAN should have been chosen as the networking technology
    • Due to the desire for moving towards SD-WAN
      • Also Citrix skills within the networking team and Citrix being an Azure Virtual WAN partner
  • Also due to a lot of branch sites (Coffee Shops) required and the flexibility and speed Azure Virtual WAN will give Azure Baristas
  • A Azure Virtual WAN Hub per Azure Region to be deployed in the Connectivity Subscription in a single Resource Group:
    • UK South
    • South East Asia
    • Germany West Central
    • UAE North
    • East US

Azure Baristas' Virtual WAN diagram

Management and monitoring

  • All logs will be sent to a single Log Analytics Workspace deployed in the Management Subscription

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Security, governance and compliance

Platform automation and DevOps

Not currently in scope for the Azure Baristas scenario.

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