Azure Landing Zones

Azure Landing Zones (ALZ) is Microsoft's recommended landing zone architecture for the largest organisations. Landing zones sit within the Ready section of the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).


Here is a set of materials relating to the Azure Landing Zones hacks run with UK partners and customers.

Note that Azure Landing Zones was previously branded as Enterprise Scale and you may still reference to ES as the remaining documentation and artifacts are transitioned.



Attending an Azure Landing Zones partner hack? Get these done before it starts and then check you have the right access.

Day 1

Sessions on day one of the Azure Landing Zones hack for a design session around our Azure Baristas scenario.

Day 2

Sessions on day two of the Azure Landing Zones hack, customising the default deployment to match your design.

Day 3

Sessions on day three of the Azure Landing Zones hack where you'll work with automation tooling and repos for deploying Azure Landing Zone.

Useful Links

Set of useful links for Azure Landing Zones