Azure offers a wide range of artificial intelligence based services. This video will describe some of these, from the AI trained models embedded into Azure services, to pretrained services and frameworks to train your own.

Video Series

Episode 1: Introduction to AI

The idea of inanimate objects coming to life and thinking for themselves isn’t new, for years we have dreamed about a world of robots and Artificial Intelligence coexisting alongside humans and integrating into the fabric of our daily lives.

We’ve seen countless movies romanticising this dream, from robots helping to save the galaxy to machines rising to kill us all, but the reality is, Artificial Intelligence is already here and although we may not always realise it, shaping the way in which we navigate our world.

Episode 2: How Machines Learn

How should we define intelligence, what is it? is it free thinking, mastery through repetition or something more divine?

Psychologists generally define it as a combination of diverse ability, which let’s be honest could mean anything! But, what we are beginning to understand is that at least in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, focus is placed on the following key components.

Learning, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Perception, and Language.

Episode 3: The Ethical Dilemma of AI

With any paradigm shift in technology we have to ask the question that just because we can, does that mean we should?

And opinions are divided, like any disruption, people with discuss the pros and cons, the risk and opportunity. But to be successful we need to ensure that the machines we build reflect our timeless values and that requires humanity to reflect upon itself.

Designing ethical AI to empower others and amplify human ingenuity means that it must be fair, it must also be inclusive, transparent, accountable, and safe. These guiding principles must be firmly rooted in architectural designs and mature into systems that foster positive impact.

Episode 4: Will AI take our Jobs?

Regardless of whether we embrace AI, change is inevitable, it marks the natural progression of human potential. But historically, change has been met with resistance, loss of control, excess uncertainty, concerns of competence and fears of redundancy. But it has also demonstrated that it creates new opportunity.

In fact, analysts proved that industry significantly grew thanks to the adoption of computers and automation. This was because it enabled the workforce to focus on other business goals and thus increased productivity, elevated profits and increased labour demand.

Again, to understand where we are, we need to understand where we have been.

Episode 5: Bringing AI to Life

In my final video of the series I want to bring Artificial Intelligence to life by demonstrating some of the standout applications that Microsoft have created. This isn’t future tech, what I will show you are applications that you can use today as a consumer and without any developer knowledge.

Episode 6: Closing the AI skills gap

This video builds on the initiative of Katie King – published Author and CEO of AI in Business to train the students of tomorrow. We will explore the changes that society faces, discuss the ethics and impacts of Artificial Intelligence before demonstrating some of the tools available today.

Finally, we will build an end-to-end solution, bringing together the power of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, to help solve a real world Issue.

Episode 7: AI-900 Fundamentals

Join me as we explore Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions as we prepare for the AI-900 AI Fundamentals exam.

This session compliments the materials on Microsoft Learn.


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