GitHub Codespaces

Contribute without setting up a local environment.


Sometimes installing software locally is restricted or not desired. To run a complete development environment, including the ability to view updates as they are made, you can use GitHub Codespaces.

Codespaces is an online development environment, hosted by GitHub and powered by Visual Studio Code, that allows you to develop entirely in the cloud.


GitHub Codespaces will use the same development container experience, including versions of Hugo and Linux that would be used when also running locally.

To start a GitHub Codespace:

  • Navigate to azurecitadel/azurecitadel
  • Select Code
  • Select Open with Codespaces
  • Select New codespace (or choose an existing one)

This will launch an online, cloud-backed instance of Visual Studio Code in your browser.

You can open a terminal and run hugo serve as if you were running locally. You may need to install dependencies with npm install.

You can learn more about Codespaces from the official documentation.

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