Front Matter

Examples of Front Matter for the Hugo content.


Hugo uses a different Front Matter structure to Jekyll.



Index page

Example for a content area’s markdown file.

title: "Packer & Ansible"
description: "Collection of labs using Packer and Ansible to automate VM image creation."
    identifier: 'Packer & Ansible'

Note the identifier.

Standard markdown page

title: "Dynamic Inventories"
author: [ "Richard Cheney" ]
description: "Create dynamic inventories in Azure based on tags, resource groups and more."
    parent: 'Packer & Ansible'
    weight: 3

Note that the parent string matches the identifier. The weight determines the order. Default order is alphabetical.

Series of content

For adding next, previous navigation buttons to a single page

- Some series title which can be anything
series_weight: 1

All single pages within a series are collected, sorted by series_weight and next, previous navigation is added at build time.

An example can be seen on the Getting Started page. If the user is at the first or last pages they will see a disabled, next or previous navigation button.

Open Graph Images

You can customise the image shown in previews of the website in many applications by overriding the og:image attribute for a particular page. You can read more about open graph images.

og_image: an_image.png

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